Apple – Setting Things On Fire With iOS 5.0… Literally!

When it comes to Apple and their devices the world goes nuts for them, you only have to look back at what they have done for the mobile phone and tablet PC market to realize that these guys are the real deal know what they are doing. Now we have read a strange report that Apple is setting things on fire with iOS 5.0… Literally!

Apple is known for its high quality hardware as seen across all of its devices. This was one of the downsides previously and why the tablet PC market wasn’t seen as a success by the other manufacturers that were already in it before Apple dipped their toes into the pool. The iPad pretty much single handedly rejuvenated the tablet PC market and turned it into an extremely fashionable and good quality market. The other manufacturers certainly have a lot to thank Apple for if you think the market was going downhill before the iPad, now we have an abundance of Google Android based tablets from a number of different manufacturers.

One thing we have now established without even thinking about the MacBooks or the iMacs is Apple makes excellent quality hardware, this is something that even people who loath Apple and their success will have to admit. Well, if that’s the case then what the heck has happened to this charging synchronization cable?!

We learned of it through an article over on Slashgear by Chris Burns who talks comically about this as being a hot topic which did raise a smile but also about the original source of the information. It came through Twitter from a man named Gus Pinto, he tweeted “My charging cable caught on fire while charging my iPhone 4 running iOS5. #Fail” and then he displays the above image.

There’s a particular quote that we loved from Chris Burns’ article where he sums this situation up perfectly, he says “This situation is the next in a long line of off-the-wall insane accounts of awesome or otherwise one-in-a-million type situations that just happen to feature Apple hardware and/or software.” What he means by this is this isn’t something that is going to happen every day; it’s a bit of a coincidence that there was Apple hardware being used as well as the new iOS being tested.

There are a number of reasons as to why this cable could have set alight and they aren’t all to do with the actual phone or cable, they could be to do with the other device which could be a PC or a laptop perhaps having some kind of crazy power surge. No doubt Apple will be contacting this developer possibly wearing heat proof suits to get more exact details.

What do you think of this? Do you think Mr.Pinto is having us all on, or is there no smoke without fire? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.