Love Astronomy? Love These Twitter Space Accounts

If you’re at all enthusiastic about astronomy then you’ll already know the excitement caused today by the launch of the last ever US space shuttle mission. Space shuttle Atlantis lifted off from Cape Canaveral on a 12-day mission to the International Space Station and it was a somewhat poignant moment to see it leave. To cheer you up, if you love astronomy, then you’ll love these Twitter space accounts to keep in touch with events.

Twitter seems to be everywhere these days and there are some great accounts that you should find really interesting from astronauts, science writers and others, with NASA itself leading the way with its Twitter presence. Stephanie Buck over on Mashable has put together a list of 23 Twitter accounts for astronomy enthusiasts and we’re going to highlight just a few of those. First off then is that NASA Twitter account, @NASA which as you might expect, keeps followers up-to-date with all the latest space news, including updates on missions, astronauts and space discoveries.

@SPACEdotcom is another great Twitter account and very comprehensive with news about space science and exploration and @astronomymag is a really useful resource bringing space information and entertainment to those who love everything to do with astronomy. @SETIInstitute has a slightly different slant and will intrigue many. This account concerns itself with extra terrestrial life and the possibility of making contact at some point. Interesting stuff!

For those with a particular interest in black holes, then @chandraxray, the Chandra Observatory, could be the site for you and also covers galaxies and new stars. @NASA_Hubble concerns itself, as you might expect, with the Hubble telescope and also tweets images. Many astronauts also have individual Twitter accounts. Among them is @Astro_Mike, Mike Massimino, who was the first astronaut to tweet from space and @Astro_Satoshi, who is currently in space and likes to add a touch of drama to proceedings.

Space enthusiast Clara Moskowitz, @ClaraMoskowitz, writes for and also There’s also Neil deGrasse Tyson, @neiltyson, who is an astrophysicist and author of works such as The Pluto Files and Death By Black Hole and likes to tweet about such things as space exploration funding. As you can see, there really is something for everyone and many of these Twitter accounts can be quite addictive so take a look and for more accounts and further details check out the full article at the Mashable link above. Are there any other sites for astronomy fans you’d like to recommend? Why not let us know by sending us your comments.