LG Optimus 3D: 17 New Titles From Gameloft

As you are probably aware, gaming is one of the most popular activities on the planet and it now comes in all shapes and sizes. No longer are video games only restricted to consoles, they can now be taken out on the go. The rise of portable handheld gaming has really come strong in the last few years, especially with smartphones and tablets. The LG Optimus smartphone is about to get a fresh batch of new games you can play on the go, and they are of course 3 dimensional!

LG’s flagship 3D smartphone has 17 new games coming courtesy of a deal with Gameloft. Electric Pig reports that titles such as Asphalt 6: Adrenaline, Let’s Golf! 2 and N.O.V.A., to name a few will come preloaded on the smartphone. The Optimus is only one of a few new handsets that come with the impressive new glasses free 3D. Another is the HTC Evo 3D which has a fantastic feature that allows you to play movies through your 3DTV via an HDMI cable.

If the preloaded games do not tickle your fancy then there are as we said, 14 other titles from Gameloft that can be downloaded, exclusively for the Optimus 3D. Other games include Modern Combat 2, Real Football 2011 and Shrek Kart, T3 reports. LG’s CEO Dr. Jong-seok Park, has made it clear that the days of dedicated handheld gaming are over, and that today’s smartphones have enough horsepower to compete with the very best portable gaming devices.

So far the reaction has been mixed with glasses free 3D. It has been introduced to portable gaming on a small scale level with smartphones and the Nintendo 3DS. The general reaction to the 3DS was disappointing, despite being a unique type of gaming console on the market. The PS3 can play 3D movies and games, but they require glasses and a 3DTV so a majority have been unable to enjoy the experience. If I am honest, it delivers better visuals but unfortunately makes the game harder to play and will hurt your eyes after a while.

We have been speaking recently about the possibility of Sony launching a PS4 next year, and how much involvement 3D will have with the console. We are also looking ahead to see what other devices will adopt 3D capability, will Apple dare to do it with their iPhone 5 or iPad 3? It is not necessarily a must have as some tech fans are still very skeptical over it, if it is a device that is used on the go then the device really must be glasses free. Has the auto-stereoscopic technology impressed you enough? Leave us your thoughts on glasses free 3D gaming and the LG Optimus by leaving a comment below.