Cosmic Panda: New Look YouTube Being Tested

In the big bad world of social media, things get extremely competitive and you have got to be your best in order to be at the top. If you do not upgrade and introduce the newest features, you will get left behind, just look at MySpace. The dominating sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google’s new “Plus” are a few of many social networks who regularly update their sites to stay at the top.

YouTube are now currently trialing a new site makeover, giving it a different darker but sleeker look to it. The operation which has been codenamed “Cosmic Panda” will see the user interface revamped, showing off new designs for videos, playlists and channels. According to Mashable, YouTube is using its ideas incubator “TestTube” to try out the new themes on the site.

On first looks not a great deal is changing, and in a way this may not be bad as YouTube already have a good thing going. If the site makeover goes ahead then the white background will be replaced with a darker black one, at this stage there is no guarantee that any changes will be made to YouTube. Would you like a revamp or are you happy with the way things are?

Cosmic Panda sees the homepage lose its crowded look which is full of recommended and favourited videos. The new layout sees a larger but much more spaced out feeling which could be useful to some who dislike the main page jam packed with featured videos. You can give Cosmic Panda a try out now by following the link we have provided, let us know what you think of it in the comments.

A YouTube representative spoke about Cosmic Panda, saying “We are always testing new things on YouTube with the goal of improving the site’s overall experience”. The spokesperson also recommended that all YouTube users give the new tester version of the site a try and give their feedback. A feature that may or may not be popular is the auto start of videos when you enter a channel. The old version prompts you to click the play button so it starts when you are ready.

Overall everything is much more spacious, the existing version is crammed with videos, ads and suggestions everywhere. Cosmic Panda typically shows the video you are watching with a few recommendations or related videos below, but not like the busy sidebar we have at the moment. So the question is, are you in the mood for a less intense video experience or do like how everything is now?