Steve Jobs Biography Name Changed- iSteve Scrapped

It has been well publicised that Steve Jobs has an official biography coming out next year, and you may be interested to know that the name has been changed. We all pretty much know that Mr Apple is a man who demands the highest standards and perfection, so what was wrong with the previous title of the book that will be based on him?

Initially the biography was going to be named, iSteve: The Book Of Jobs. Now it has been changed to “Steve Jobs”, yes just that. So from a pretty catchy title we now have just a boring headline which tells us the name of the person we are about to read about. It was the publishers, Simon & Schuster who came up with the original title but the biography’s author Walter Isaacson opted to go for a more simple name, Cnet UK reports.

Apparently the author and his family were not too happy with the iSteve title and I do not blame them. Although catchy, it does seem pretty cheesy and I think Mr Jobs would also appreciate it if the “i” word was only put in front of his inventions. On the other hand I do think they could come up with something better than just “Steve Jobs”, how could such an iconic and interesting man be given such a boring title?

As we have said already this is the first time Steve Jobs is actually satisfied with somebody writing about this life. There have been countless other unauthorised biographies published in the past, many of which the boss has been unhappy with. John Wiley & Sons published one 2005 in titled, iCon: Steve Jobs, the Greatest Second Act in the History of Business. A very interesting title but Jobs criticised the book and as punishment removed all of the authors books from all of his Apple stores.

Jobs also exists in animated form with a comic book based on him coming out next month, as well as a spoof rap battle between himself and Bill Gates appearing on YouTube a few months back. Another piece of great Steve Jobs merchandise we saw for sale was an action figure, which again he was not happy with so issued the selling company with a cease and desist letter.

The “official” Steve Jobs biography hits shelves on March 6th 2012 and can be pre-ordered from Amazon right now, follow the link to secure yourself a copy. The book will cost £18.75 from the eCommerce giant and probably more from other retailers. Read how Amazon recently agreed to buy The Book Depository, the UK’s largest online book store. Leave us your thoughts on the Steve Jobs biography, will you buy it?