Simple Facebook Skype Video Calling: Instructions

You may remember that we brought you news last week about an expected announcement from Facebook regarding Skype-powered video chat within the site. We now have news that as we expected this facility has now been launched and there will be an awful lot of very happy people now able to make video calls from Facebook. We thought we’d help you out with some instructions for how to make Facebook Skype video calls.

We told how the service would be an in-browser experience evolving from a deep integration between Facebook and Skype. Although there have been rumblings about this happening before, the fact that it’s finally happened will benefit many, including Skype who will make use of Facebook’s 750 million users. At the time we wrote about this last week it was unclear whether Facebook users would need to already have Skype installed on their computers, of if they would need to download extra software and we now have more news on that.

The first time that users attempt to make use of this new service they will indeed need to download a program and then select some Flash settings from a chat window. Tony Bates, Skype CEO said that following this, the feature will work like a “mini-Skype” client, according to Sarah Kessler over on Mashable. So if you want to video chat or answer a call, where do you start? Mashable has also provided a useful set of walk-through pictures and instructions and we’ll run through the basics.

First off you need to go to to get your account working and click on the “Get Started” option. Next you’ll need to install the program by clicking on the video camera icon in the upper-right corner. If you receive a call the install option will also pop up. A “New Message” box will then appear but remember the video will not start until the person you’re calling answers. If that person doesn’t answer the call you then get the option of a really neat function, the ability to record a video message for them, simpy click on “Record Message.” They will then be able to see they have a message in the same place as they can see where text messages have been received. If of course the person you’re calling answers, the video chat window will appear.

That’s about it, it’s all pretty simple and straightforward but for more pointers check out the images on the Mashable article linked to above. Have you tried out the new Skype-powered video chat on Facebook yet? Did you find it plain-sailing and did it all work smoothly? Let us know with your comments.

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