Casey Anthony Judgement: Twitter’s Mixed Feeling

A story that has racked up a huge amount of interest in the U.S. is that of the Casey Anthony court case. American Casey Anthony was accused of murdering her two-year old daughter “Caylee” of which she strongly denied. On Tuesday, Casey was found not guilty of murder but faces four separate counts of lying to police, of which if found guilty could land her in jail. She has already spent three years in prison and some have said that she will be free to go and carry on with the rest of her life.

Mixed reaction to the court’s verdict has escalated with many taking to the world wide web and that of site Twitter. Although the majority of people strongly feel that Casey is guilty or at least knows what happened to her daughter, Mashable via Topsy and a Nielsen McKinsey survey have listed some stats of the case.

As you can see from the image below courtesy of NMIncite, a big 64% of Twitter followers disagreed with the verdict, compared to 35% who were on the fence and 1% agreeing with the verdict.

Topsy’s results showed a big difference with the case, showing that a huge negative response came through when the verdict was announced, compared to that of positive feedback.

Nielsen’s stats included the number of tweets sent in, which as you can see underneath, were organised into different groups. The overall consensus, at least half of tweeters, disapproved of the court’s verdict. A 4% figure was found with a small number comparing this trial to previous murders such as OJ Simpson and percentages were also looked into, where other online sources have benefited from the news coverage, 3% showed that news spread amongst gossip sites. showed a huge increase in user traffic with some 1.2 million videos being streamed on its official website on Tuesday 5th. Rises were also seen with 1,000 tweets being sent with the use of hashtag #ABCCasey and increased Facebook traffic.

As reported, reaction, most of which has been anger, has come with news that Casey may now make money from this with a book autobiography and movie/TV deals. News of her possibly becoming a millionaire from the case, has proved too much for some, with individuals turning to Facebook stating that those prepared to interview Anthony and have her on their TV shows will result in those being boycotted.

Its clear to see how the world of social media is moving on. People now have the opportunity to voice their opinions via networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

What are your own thoughts on the Casey Anthony verdict? Did you yourself turn to one of the two sites and post your comments? Let us know.