Apple App Store: Surpasses 15 Billion Downloads

Like many websites around the world, we tend to keep one eye on things to do with Apple. This can be anything from rumors about the next iPhone, about the future iOS releases, jailbreaking and of course the Apple App Store. We are now hearing that Apple’s online app store has surpassed 15 billion downloads.

When it comes to different apps and the actual store we have added various reports over time. You may recall recently that the Apple iPad and the iPad 2 now has 100,000 optimized apps. Back in January we also added a report that talked about how Apple went passed 10 billion downloads. This means within 6 months they have managed to rake in another 5 billion downloads which is very impressive.

Unfortunately there are no prizes for the 15 billionth download like there was on the 10 billionth one where somebody won a $10,000 iTunes gift card. We learned of this achievement that Apple has managed through an article over on Slashgear’s Chris Davies who mentions that the paid developers have pulled in $2.5 billion to date, which the company claims was in just three years.

There’s also quite a bold statement that Chris Davies has picked out from the Apple press release that says “the revolutionary App Store has grown to become the most exciting and successful software marketplace the world has ever seen.” Some would agree with that but going forward we do feel that Android will catch up, it will take some time and some doing but it’s not something unachievable.

We also learned that Apple earlier this week failed to win an injunction against Amazon, they wanted their rivals not to be able to use the terms “appstore” for its own downloadable store. As we mentioned earlier Apple actually announced this through a press release where Philip Schiller (Apple’s Senior Vice President of Worldwide Product Marketing) has thanked the developers for filling the store with more than 425,000 apps and also to those iDevice users who downloaded apps.

It’s become one of those everyday things now for businesses and websites to have their very own app. You see it on television with so many different companies who actually advertise their apps for you to download and remember they are all professionally designed. A lot of the apps are made by people who spot something that they could do with having and make an app for it; they are normally the best ones.

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