Sony PS4: Production Starts This Year – Surprised?

Sony has for a long time been competing massively in the world of gaming with the different versions of the PlayStation starting with the PSOne and then moving onto the extremely successful PS2. Following that we have the current model which is extremely popular the PS3 and now we are hearing that the Sony PS4’s productions starts this year, are you surprised?

Sony certainly needed to do something following the massive PSN outage and we had been hearing hints at a new console, a revolutionized Sony PS4. Sony generally wanted to stick to the 10 year life-cycle for the Sony PS3 but with the launch of the Wii U and the severity of the PSN outage, perhaps Sony think that the time is right. Over at Engadget their author Joseph Volpe has added an article mentioning that the rumors of the new console surfaced through component makers and sources in Taiwan so nothing really concrete. The rumors first started kicking around on DigiTimes where we are told that Sony expect to ship 20 million consoles in early 2012.

We have even been hearing rumors that the new console which will be Sony’s flagship device will have Kinect like features. We are wondering what else they may have in store for us, what other little surprises there may be like with the new Nintendo console and the streaming controller.

The expectations of the new Sony console will certainly be high especially because of how successful their previous models have been and with the advancements in the gaming and technological world why shouldn’t it be? Right now the biggest danger we have is expectations that are too high for the console to live up too.

We heard previously that the development of the Sony PS4 was under way however there were a few thoughts that it was merely a distraction ahead of the expected new Nintendo console, it would seem that it was more than a distraction. As things stand it looks like 2012 could be an eventful year for pretty much all of the hardware manufacturers in the gaming industry.

We already know the Wii U is coming, the Sony PS4 is now also expected… That only leaves Microsoft and the expected release of the Xbox 720 which many are also touting for next year. As things stand Microsoft haven’t really mentioned anything about their new console’s release but what they have been doing is reducing the price of their current console the Xbox 360.

Giving a console a price cut is only a small clue as they could be doing it to compete with Sony and try to steal some of their market share following the PSN outage, but we are all sitting hoping it’s for a new console.

What do you think? Will we see a new Sony PS4 console in 2012? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

  • Lucas Burk

    typical sony to steal everybody elses ideas. first they made move, which is almost indistinguishable from the wii control (except its more precise), now theyre gonna rip off kinect? Kinect was at least somewhat original, (though not completely, controller-less motion control has been around for a LONG time.)

  • mortalhuman

    next xbox won’t be called 720.

    It will be called 1080.

    For obvious reasons.