Top UK Online Store The Book Depository To Be Bought By Amazon

Amazon are looking to broaden their horizons by purchasing the UK’s largest online book retailer. The eCommerce giant has announced that they are to buy “The Book Depository”, an online book selling site. The site offers over 6 million different books to more than 100 different countries, with free shipping. The UK’s largest online book retailer will now team up with the world’s largest online book retailer.

Mashable reports that The Book Depository has over 1 million customers, with the outfit claiming that they are the fastest-growing bookseller in Europe and the UK’s largest dedicated online bookseller. The retailer sells eBooks as well as paper books, with a selection of over 200,000 different titles to download. Amazon pride themselves on their large selection of eBooks, another possible reason why they are deciding to buy TBD, because of their insistence on modern reading habits.

Amazon naturally share The Book Depository’s stance on eBooks as they have their very own reader, the famous Kindle. As a result of the Kindle, Amazon has really pushed sales on their eBooks, in fact almost encouraging them more than classic paper books. We saw how in the final quarter of 2010, eBooks outsold paperback and hardback books.

As we understand it, Amazon and TBD will not merge. The Book Depository reportedly tweeted that they will continue to trade independently, simply being owned by Amazon and not changing a great deal. Amazon could have chosen to integrate with their smaller retail counterpart, but instead look to be buying out the competition, opposed to getting involved with them and starting something new.

The 2 parties have reached an agreement with all of the final details being readied for completion. We do not know how much The Book Depository will cost Amazon to buy but we estimate it will be a 9 or 10 figure amount. The price should be revealed when Amazon officially confirm the purchase. According to The Digital Reader, TBD seem very happy about being bought by Amazon as they think it will help their growth.

The Book Depository’s founder Andrew Crawford has said: “With the support of Amazon, we look forward to continuing our growth and providing an ever-improving service for readers globally“. Currently TBD do not have bases on a global level, operating from just the UK. With the help of Amazon they may be able to expand to more countries that they provide to, which would have a significant impact on business. Can Amazon bring the The Book Depository all the way up to their level of size and trade?