New Samsung Series 9 Lineup: Back To School Alternatives

For most children the new term will start back in September with some changing schools and others just moving up another year. There may be some parents who would rather not think about what they have to buy for their offspring, be it uniform, school accessories, travel passes and so on, but there may be a percentage who like to be organised. Knowing where to buy those items can at times be a headache, but when it comes to technology devices, we may be able to help you!

As the world of technology changes, so do the ways in which our children are educated. Since the arrival of the world wide web and the change in PCs to laptops and tablets, children spend a lot of time sourcing information via the net. It could be for homework purposes, the joining of a club and so on. But what technology is out there that is aimed at children? Debbie here at OSM just a few weeks back, spoke about how Apple were promoting some of their “back to school” products and today its the turn of Samsung.

If Apple’s popular MacBook Air notebook is not an option for your child, then it may be worth considering the new Samsung Series 9 range. According to, there is an 11.6-inch Series 9 model to choose from as well as three 13.3-inch versions.

In terms of what specs and price you will get for the smaller 11.6-inch we can tell you that it will include an Intel Core i3-2357M Sandy Bridge chip, SSD up to 128GB, up to 4GB of memory, USB ports, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, up to seven hours of battery life, Sandy Bridge HD 3000 graphics, all for a cost of $1,049 for the 64GB SSD model and a slightly higher $1,249 for the 128GB SSD model.

If you compare the bigger Samsung to the same sized MacBook Air, you will be saving yourself pennies with the Apple device retailing for $1,399.

So what will the three 13-3-inch models provide your child with? The introduction of speedier Sandy Bridge CPU’s has been a major inclusion with a larger 256GB SSD. For the first 13.3-inch (NP900X3A-B01US) model, this will include a Core i5-2467M processor with 4GB of RAM and 128GB SSD for a price of $1,349.

The next (NP900X3A-B02US) model will provide a bigger Solid State Drive (SSD) to 256GB for an extra $300. Lastly the (NP900X3A-A05US) comes with an Intel Core i7 processor with 6GB of memory and 256GB of SSD for a price of $2,049.

As stated, the new variations will be available from next month, just in time for the new school term.

Give us your thoughts on the new Samsung Series 9 line-up? Are you toying with the idea of getting your child(ren) a new laptop for school? Do you think that devices such as these should be lowered in price to make them more accessible to all families?