Mac OS X Lion July 6 Release Rumor: MacBook Air Tomorrow?

We’ve been following all the developments for the upcoming Apple MacBook Air refresh and have been keeping our readers informed with all the latest news and speculation. Of course with any major new product sometimes these rumored release dates come and go. The latest rumor that we’ve just heard suggests that Mac OS X Lion may be released tomorrow, Wednesday July 6. If so, might this mean we see the new MacBook Air for 2011 as well? We feel it’s a very slim chance but you just never know.

We know from response to our many previous articles about the MacBook Air refresh just how many of you are waiting for it and in recent days we’ve heard yet more speculation about the new MacBook Airs. We’ve long expected an appearance around June or July and around 3 weeks ago heard that the new MacBook Airs were likely to be held back for the new operating system, Mac OS X Lion. Following this we heard of a likely release date from “reliable sources” for Mac OS X Lion as being July 14 and this fitted with earlier rumors of July 14 for the MacBook Air, a possibility of seeing them both on the same day then.

This latest news came to us from an article on iClarified and stems from an Apple Support email to a reader of The person concerned hoped to upgrade a recently purchased refurbished MacBook Air and Apple Support replied, “Vielen Dank fur Ihre Mail. Ich komme leider erst jetzt dazu zu antworten. Einen Anspruch auf ein kostenloses Upgrade haben Sie nicht. Dieses Upgrade konnen Sie fur 23.99 Euro ab dem 06.07.2011 im APP Store erwerben.” After translation from Google we find that the hopeful reader was turned down for a free upgrade but was told that the upgrade required (Mac OS X Lion) would be available from the App Store on July 6 priced at €23.99. There’s no way of verifying this information and although it’s interesting we should probably take it with a pinch of salt.

However another article, this time over on T-Gaap also gives a rumored release date for Mac OS X Lion of July 6, from sources in the San Francisco area, which also gives a release time of 9:00 am PT. It’s also pointed out that Apple doesn’t need to give many clues of an imminent arrival for Mac OS X Lion as this is an online distribution now, so the fact that we’ve not heard anything more at this late stage does not necessarily mean the rumored release date is wrong. Also of course if Mac OS X Lion does turn up tomorrow to surprise us all, that doesn’t necessarily mean the MacBook Air refresh will be released too, but will at least make it more likely that it will turn up very soon.

You may also be interested in our two most recent articles about the new MacBook Air, firstly about results of a poll showing which features are the most important to those waiting, and secondly an article from earlier today about a possible new super-fast 400MBps flash storage. We’d like to hear your thoughts on the possibility of Mac OS X Lion arriving tomorrow and the very slim chance of the new MacBook Air release too so let us have your comments.