Corsair Force Series GT SATA 3 SSD Release and Price Details

Earlier today we gave you news on rumored new flash storage for the MacBook Air and today we have good news for those interested in PC gaming hardware and high-performance as Corsair has announced its Force Series GT SSD’s supporting SATA 6Gb/s technology. The even better news is that specs are slightly higher than when they were first shown in March and we have release and price details for you.

It’s easy to spot these solid-state drives with their bright red shells but it’s not just their appearance that stands out. With notable read / write speeds of 555 MBps and 525 MBps and up to 85,000 Random Write IOPS the specs are not to be sniffed at. The 240GB version that was being bandied about in Hanover is not mentioned for now but the Force GT SSD SATA 3 will be available as a 60GB version for $149 or as a 120GB version for $279, with both sizes due for release at some point this month.

According to Dana Wollman over on Engadget, the Force GT SSD not only supports SATA 3 but will be backwards-compatible with SATA 2 and it also includes a 3.5-inch adaptor for use with both laptops and desktops. Specs include the SandForce SF-2280 SSD processor with ONFI synchronous flash memory giving high-performance system response, improved boot times and application load times. Using synchronous flash memory is particularly useful for video and music files.

Vice President of Memory Products at Corsair, Thi La, said, “With the rapid adoption of systems with SATA 3 support, enthusiasts are demanding SSDs that can push the limit of SATA 3 bandwidth. The new Force Series GT line delivers amazing speed under the most demanding conditions, making them ideal for high-performance systems.” The press release states that the 60GB and 120GB models are now shipping globally to authorized retailers and distributors for sale this month. Stated capacities may differ depending on operating system used and formatting.

An article over on Hexus also reports on the Force GT SSD and notes that UK pricing will most likely be more expensive than the US equivalents but nevertheless thinks pricing will be reasonable considering the performance. You can find out much more about Force GT SSD’s at the Corsair website here. We’ve linked to the 60GB model but of course you’ll be able to find other product pages too. What are your thoughts on the latest Force GT solid-state drives from Corsair? We’re interested to know so do let us have your comments.