Twitter Top 10 Trending Topics: Football Does It Again

Slightly later than usual we are reporting on the Twitter top 10 trending topics where Football has done it again. Even though the main leagues have finished the season until later this year, clubs are now chasing players trying to nab their men before the transfer window runs out. Thanks again to Mashable’s Matt Silverman for providing the weekly chart.

Let’s get started at 10th position with Marriage Equality, this subject popped up because the New York State Senate has passed Marriage Equality act and now allow same–sex marriages. The act comes into play in July and it will make New York the most populous state allowing this to happen. Creeping into 9th spot this week is another unusual one, “FUAAAA!” It came about following a drunken man on YouTube saying that it was the sound you make when you release your strength.

In 8th position this week is Michael Jackson, he was remembered on Twitter by fans of his music and of the singer as it was the second anniversary of his death on June 25th. Popping into 7th in the chart is a slightly sinister one for Nicki Minaj. People who aren’t fans of hers started the trends RIP Nicki Minaj and both people that are haters and people that are supporters reacted to the trend both of which will count towards it in the chart.

Jumping into 6th spot in this week’s chart is Bruno Mars as the singer has been touring France Tweets were sent out about French kissing and a few other things too from his fans. The 5th position this week is occupied by a pretty odd one, The Wild Thornberrys. For those who don’t know what this is it’s a children’s TV show about a family who check out all sorts of animals, we are also told that there’s some uncertainty as to why Nigel Thornberry (voiced by Tim Curry) was trending in the first place.

The topic that resides in 4th spot for the chart this week is a regular, Justin Bieber because he went to the dentist this week. Unbelievably his small trip to get his dentures checked out was enough to make his name trend, that’s crazy! In 3rd position this week was the unfortunate passing of Peter Falk who was aged 83, he died on June 23rd and was best known for his detective Lieutenant Columbo role.

We have now breached the top 3 and we can tell you that in 2nd position for the chart was BET Awards. This was caused by the BET Awards program that prompted a load of individual trends with the highest one being Tiffany Green who won a contest to be a viewer presenter.

Top spot this week went to the most regular trend we have seen in the charts, Soccer/Football. This week fans have been talking about Lionel Messi as they normally do as well as Paolo Maldini and the 2011 FIFA Womens World Cup. Not only that but the start of the Copa America, which for some is being streamed live through YouTube.

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Did any of the top 10 twitter trends surprise you this week? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.