Samsung Galaxy S2 (S II) – US Release Will Make Sales Rocket

The smartphone world has been turned into an extremely competitive one, Android joined into the mix to rival Apple only they have partnered many different manufacturers. The fact that Android is so good means that we are seeing lovely new phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII), now all we need is a US release and the sales will rocket.

Whilst Samsung and Apple have been going toe-to-toe in the court room, Sammy’s flagship smartphone has been cleaning house with some impressive sales. We learned just how good they are through an article over on BGR by Zach Epstein who has mentioned the Galaxy S II has very quickly become the fastest selling smartphone in the South Korean technology giant’s history.

We are still waiting for a US release so god help the competitors when that day eventually comes. Samsung should perhaps be thought of as a force to be feared unless the competitors all have something in the pipeline such as the iPhone 5. We have even heard that there may be an upgraded model that will be coming with an overclocked processor to 1.4GHz although this is yet to be officially confirmed. OSM’s Maddy Rowe has already reported the sales that have been recorded including 3 million units within 55 days since its launch which is something to be proud of.

Samsung have apparently predicted that the device will surpass the 10 million marker much like the predecessor to the Galaxy S II did and as soon as they let this bad boy loose in the US, we certainly feel like it could take the crown of the Samsung Galaxy.

This phone is so popular that it’s perhaps replacing the iPhone 4 as the benchmark device that others get compared too, you only have to check out a recent report by OSM’s Debbie Turner who has already been checking out the Conquer 4G in comparison the Galaxy S II.

When you look at the sales it has had as a new device around the world with the exception of the US and the amount of hype that it’s been given, personally I expect to see the current sales double at least. The real question should be; can Samsung make enough Galaxy S II smartphones to meet the demand of the US market? Perhaps this is the reason that it is yet to be released there.

What do you guys think? When it’s released in the US how much do you think the sales will rise by? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

  • Anonymous

    I’m at the point where I will most likely wait for the iPhone 5 — it seems with the lollygagging of Samsung the two phones will only be a month a part at most in the US.

    I was waiting for the S II since it was announced at CES, but now? I’m over it.

  • Anonymous

    This is my dream phone or should I say was my dream phone. I’m now sick of waiting. As soon as the nexus 3 or something better is announced, I’ll be officially over it. Bad strategy by Samsung for not releasing this thing much earlier. Stupid Samsung!

  • Kevin Kelley

    By the time they release the Galaxy SII in the US, everyone who knew about it will be dead and cellphones will no longer exist. And this paradox will extinguish the universe!