Facebook Scam/Virus/Malware Roundup Of Nasties

Another week has gone by and we have seen another pile of Facebook scams coming through the largest social network in the world. Normally these scams take advantage of a world event or a celebrity name to try and gain your trust and interest.

The first one in this week’s roundup of Facebook scams, virus and malware was sighted back on June 27th and it was titled “My First Baby Birth – Video!” We saw many people getting caught out by this one so added a report about it with a solution which you can check out on the title link.

On the very same day we saw another titled “99% Of People Can’t Watch More Than 25 Seconds” where again we saw a lot of our own Facebook friends clicking on this survey scam, which in turn like-jacks your account. When your account is like-jacked it encourages your friends to click on it as they presume that as you have liked it that it’s safe.

Moving on to June 29th another one was pulled into the scope of OSM, this one went with the title “Dad Gets Embarrassed, Enters Daughter’s Room” again this was a viral Facebook survey scam where the crooks try and obtain your details for their own wrongdoings.

June 30th came along and we saw a sickening scam that was spreading like fire, we titled our article “Another Dirty Facebook Scam, Its Title is Horrible” as the actual title of the scam is “Brother rapes and kills his sister – Shocking Video.” Why something with such a grotesque title would spread as a viral scam is beyond us but none the less we have provided extra information about it and a solution on the title link above.

Again on June 30th we found another scam that has been trending quite considerably, this is possibly the biggest of the lot that we’ve seen this week. The actual scam was titled “this girl will never forget to turn her webcam of again” the first thing you should notice on this is the incorrect spelling of “Off.” We compiled a report with a solution on how to get rid of this nasty little scam which you can view on the title link.

The final one that unfortunately graced us with its presence was about Justin Bieber, the lad is so often the victim of things like this and yet he is still so popular. It just goes to show how much the scammers respect his social presence that they use his name in so many of their scams, this one was titled “The video tweet that just ended Justin Biebers career for good!” Of course it would have been all over the news that this had happened if it was true and his name should have had an apostrophe. These are just a few of the tell-tale signs that these are in fact scams.

If you have been a victim to any of these scams then click on the link to it on the title of each of them above. They will have a guide on what you should do next associated with them to try and stop the spread of them, alternatively follow this link and it will tell you how to solve the majority of the problems. If you missed last week’s roundup then click here and you can check them out. Share this with your friends so we can try to stop the spread of these dirty scams and keep our social network a better safer place.

Have you seen any of these scams going around? Let us know in the comments section below.