Facebook Scam: Southwest Airlines Gift Card Giveaway

Something that’s becoming more and more popular in the world of the Facebook scam is the idea of a free gift card giveaway. The last card style scam we reported on was the Apple iTunes gift card for an apparent free $25, of course nobody ever gets the voucher! Another from today that’s wrecking havoc on our favorite social network is titled “Southwest Airlines Gift Card Giveaway.” Check out the wall post below.

The wall post carries the message “Fly for FREE on Southwest Airlines! Hurry, limited time only!” and unfortunately this is one of the more believable scams. This is of course one of the ever popular Facebook survey scams that we see sweeping across the site. If you click on the wall post then you will be directed to another page that is designed to look like a Facebook promotional page, check it out beneath.

It gives you two really easy steps to take, the first one being to share the page and the second being to claim your gift. When you click on the first step you will have just posted the same scam on your own Facebook profile and you will be giving the appearance that you Like it. Of course this is the way that the scam spreads as it tries to deceive your friends in the same way that you were. When you click on the second step you are then directed to another page to apparently claim your free gift.

As informed by the guys over at Facecrooks this is a slightly different style of scam although they have the same objective, they want you to sign up as many details as they can gain out of you including your email address, phone number and other personal details. What’s the purpose? So they can harass you further in multiple ways whilst trying to gain even more information out of you!

What’s described as a ridiculous hoop to jump through are the several “Sponsor” offers which will all cost you money in the end. Of course if you have already gone through all of this then you will need to know how to get rid of this dirt from your Facebook page but you should also keep an eye on anything that would include those personal details that you have given them.

You will now have to get rid of it so the first thing you will need to do is locate it on your Facebook wall and then click on the “X.” You can follow the guide that we often refer to on this link for all the steps that you will now need to take. We cannot re-iterate enough how carefully you will need to monitor the details that you provided just in case anyone tries to steal your identity.

Have you seen this one going around? Let us know in the comments section below.

  • Jason Eagle

    Those aren’t scams. I got a free $500 Amazon gift card last year following a link from Facebook. It’s a pity people jump to conclusions without investigating these programs.