How Twitter Can Help Your Fitness Regime

There will be a number of you that make up the 200 million or so active users on social networking site Twitter, who are hoping to get fit this year. Whether its because of a holiday booked and you want to show off your bronze, toned figure or you need to get in shape because of health reasons, have you ever considered how sites such as Twitter can help you in your quest?

If the answer to this is no, then lets fill you in. The site which launched back in 2006 does not only keep you motivated, by allowing you to communicate with others pursuing the same goals, but as reported, can give you an insight into healthy eating ideas, fitness brands, advice from the those in the know and so on.

As we have mentioned in the past, social media is now being used in a big way and its not just by individuals. Companies big and small are taking on the frenzy and its a fantastic way to openly advertise a brand, therefore creating a wider customer base, this of course can apply to the fitness sector as well.

By either taking to Twitter to follow a brand or heading on over to rival Facebook to “like” a product, can benefit you in the long run. Try creating Twitter lists or as reported, use hash-tags purely related to fitness such as #NewBody of which in time will grow in user numbers, before you know it you will have your own group of followers or you will be the one in hot pursuit of everybody else.

According to, even big celebrity names such as Gladiator star Russell Crowe have been sticking to a new fitness programme, with the star taking to the site and tweeting to his followers, “Two separate work outs this morning, body movement for an hour +, then body movement with weighted objects hour +. A 4 shirt morning, sweaty.”

Not only this, but the 46-year old star offered friends information on what gym to use as well as words of encouragement.

Tell us where you stand with Twitter being used in this way? Are you yourself on a strict fitness regime?