Galaxy S II (S2) Smashes Flagship Phone Sales Record Already

Expectations were high but Samsung must have been surprised when the figures started rolling in for their latest high-end smartphone, the Galaxy S2. As a successor to the already popular Galaxy S, the S2 had a large mountain to climb to match its predecessor.

According to a report from Electronista, the original Galaxy S managed to sell 3 million units within the first 85 days of launch. This led on to an impressive 10 million sales just a few months after, but could the release of the S2 really compete with what was Samsung’s record best seller?

Well as Engadget stated, the S2 overhaul has pushed the finishing posts even further away, with 3 million devices sold in just 55 days. That equates to a sale rate of one sale every 1.5 seconds, so there is no surprise that the electronics giant is predicting to hit the 10 million mark far sooner than the outgoing model.

Lets not forget that these figures have been sourced through European sale without the count including the U.S. which makes you wonder what impact this will have on the tally board following its U.S. debut. Packing dual-core technology the device was always going to do well, and Samsung managed to secure top spots for smartphone sales in the UK over this past few weeks.

When the S2 hits U.S. shores it will face more of a challenge than the first gen Galaxy, mainly because before, Apple were limited in their iPhone carriers, where as now the Apple handset will likely be available through Sprint and T-Mobile. Due to its late release in the U.S. iPhone has had the run of the pen and fended of the onslaught of dual-core 4G devices arriving on the scene.

So has the Galaxy S2 got what it takes to deserve the Samsung record? Well in a press release from the company, President and Head of Samsung’s Mobile Communications Business, JK Shin said, “Announced at Mobile World Congress 2011, the GALAXY S II represents our most advanced smartphone to date and demonstrates Samsung’s commitment to deliver premium, market-defining devices,”and “This milestone reflects the continued strong support from our carrier partners around the world who have chosen the GALAXY S II as their flagship Android device.”

As one of the main players in the Android market Samsung will be looking to steal away iPhone followers with their Galaxy S2, but do you think we will see the Samsung device conquering all?

  • Martin Hill

    3 million Galaxy S2’s vs 12 million iPhones sold in the same time frame.

    Samsung has a fair way to go yet.