Pic3D Brings Glasses Free 3D Technology To Your iPhone For Only $25

When I say 3D and iPhone in the same sentence, you probably think that I’m discussing the iPhone 5. However, despite rumors about Apple’s next upcoming device, nothing has yet been confirmed about any sort of 3D display. That hasn’t stopped a company called Global Wave from creating a special screen protector which has the ability to turn any LCD screen into a 3D display.

Zach Honig over on Engadget is reporting on the Pic3D screen cover which can simply be placed over the screen of your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad (or any LCD screen for that matter) in order to produce glasses free 3D effects on your mobile device. Whilst the desktop version of the screen cover costs ¥1500 ($186), which may be too expensive for most consumers) the iPhone version only costs ¥2,000 which is the equivalent of only $25.

The screen works through a lenticular lens system instead of a parallax barrier in order to give a better field of view, and a smoother image. The screen gives a 90% light transmission level of 90% and a field of view of 120 degrees. The way that it will work on a computer is through software that Global Wave provides on their website. Through that software the computer plays two versions of the video side by side and through the screen it gives a glasses free 3D effect.

It looks as if any content which is going to display in 3D will need to have been created that way, so for those hoping to simply put this screen on their iPhone and have it play Angry Birds in 3D will be slightly disappointed. The question here is one of adoption. Is it worth spending the $25 for the screen cover if there is nothing available to display on it? The CTO of Global Wave, Tadahiro Karamuru does say on the video (embedded below) that it will play URL’s that have been formatted for side by side 3D content such as YouTube, so even if you don’t have any apps which support it, you will be able to watch some 3D videos.

Ultimately it comes down to whether or not you want to spend the $25 on a screen for your iPhone, or even more for a monitor, in order to watch some glasses free 3D video. If it’s worth that much to enjoy your video in 3D then you can buy them starting in early August. Is this worth the money? Let us know in the comments below.