Motorola Droid 3 Specifications: Leak Bears All

The world of the smartphone is being turned upside-down and inside out, previously Apple pretty much steam rolled it with the iPhone models but it’s being challenged by Android being marketed by lots of different manufacturers. Now we have heard that the Motorola Droid 3 Specifications have been leaked.

Motorola has been making some decent steps in terms of making mobile devices; you only have to look at the Xoom tablet and the innovative ATRIX 4G to realize that they want to be contenders. The problem they had with the Xoom in our opinion was the price that they were retailing it for; they have the price so high that people are choosing other competitors instead of their device. The ATRIX on the other hand has brought to the table a laptop dock which nobody else had done and we expect that they will release more in that line.

We learned of the spec leak through an article over on by Chris Chavez who mentions how the Motorola devices have struggled to get off Froyo and onto Gingerbread but this device won’t encounter that issue. Instead it will ship with Gingerbread 2.3 installed and he also talks about how this will be what’s described as a “world phone” or as some others call it a “global phone,” this means it can run on all networks that work with GSM capabilities.

Other specifications include a nice 4-inch 960×540 qHD display, a dual-core OMAP4 processor running at 1GHz and of course something that’s becoming standard these days rear and front-facing cameras. The rear facing one will sport 8 megapixels so that you can record in full 1080p and the front facing one is in place for those “fun to have” video calls with your friends.

The original source of this information was Android Central’s Phil Nickinson where we also find that there’s no 4G LTE connectivity, a microSD card slot and 16GB of internal storage for all your photos, videos and other things. We are unsure on exactly which network this will launch on but we think it would do exceptionally well on Verizon.

It’s certainly going to be a competitor for the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S II which we are still waiting for a US release of and it will have put a lot of other manufacturers on notice when they see that spec sheet. Keep an eye out for a release date as that’s one of the details that we still know nothing about.

What do you think of the Motorola Droid 3? Does this bad boy tickle your fancy? Let us know in the comments section below.