MacBook & iPad (2) Decals: Transformers, Batman and More

We all know just how popular each and every Apple product is, you only have to look at their iPhone smartphone market domination and tablet market where the iPad reigns supreme. Now we have something pretty cool to tell you about and it’s a way to jazz up your MacBooks & iPad (2), use decals. We have just found some really funky Transformers and Batman ones along with a few others.

This is a pretty impressive idea and one that never really caught on that much when it comes to normal laptops. Every now and then you will find a laptop with a big crazy sticker on it quite often with a symbol or something like that on it and now there are ones that have been designed for the Apple products.

One of the great things about the Transformers stickers is the time that they are being marketed; recently the latest in the film saga was released in the cinemas and movie theatres. This will of course raise the awareness of the two characters available being Bumblebee and the leader of the autobots Optimus Prime.

We learned of these decals through an article over on Geeky-Gadgets by Roland Hutchinson and they are really quite funky. They retail at $9.99 per sticker and you can get them to fit either the 11 or 13-inch device, you can pick them up from Goat Vinyl on this link.

Of course these aren’t the only ones available on the market; we also managed to find one from the Batman films of the hero’s arch enemy “The Joker.” It was thinking about this that we found a video over on YouTube uploaded by TysiPhoneHelp and he has all sorts of different ones being stuck on which you can watch at the bottom of the article.

The Joker decal they got from StuckOff who have a massive range of different designs including some funky Iron Man ones and even a cool Street fighter one where the Apple is replacing the Hadouken from what looks like Ken against Ryu, this bad boy comes in either black or white! Check them out below.

If you could choose any character or design for your MacBook, laptop or iPad which would it be? I’m going back in time and will say Toejam and Earl or Earthworm Jim, tell use your choice in the comments section below.