What Is Twitter’s Top Trending Topic For June?

Gather round folks because its time to round up the top 10 trends on Twitter from the month of June. The 6th month of the year has so far produced 2 different top trends, both claiming the number 1 spot twice, they are Football and Fathers Day. There is a good chance either could be the top trend of the both but lets wait and see. As normal our thanks go out to Matt Silverman of Mashable who has kindly compiled the top 10 Twitter trends for June.

We start at 10 with the big gaming event from the start of the month. The Electronics Entertainment Expo, known to you and I as E3 received plenty of Twitter attention with unveils such as the PlayStation Vita and Wii U being chatted about the most. Next up is Lil Wayne at 9 because of a leak on 1 of his new songs. The song is called “Dear Anne (Stan Part 2)” and is a sequel to Eminem’s hugely popular song “Stan”.

The 8th most talked about topic in June is Summer/Winter Solstice, June 21 was officially the longest day of the year and the first day of summer. MySpace is in the chart at 7, where Tweeters simply reminisced about the days the site was cool and they had an account. Also it was discussed when news came out that the site had been sold for $35 million and Justin Timberlake would be getting involved.

Moving upwards to number 6, we have the NHL after the Boston Bruins won the NHL Stanley Cup in Game 7 on June 15. Also some Vancouver Canucks fans became angry after their loss and decided to riot and loot the downtown area. Selena Gomez is next up at 5, with fans tweeting about her trip to hospital to treat a minor illness, as well as her being embarrassed by MTV Movie Awards host Jason Sudeikis over her relationship with Justin Bieber.

Speaking of the devil, the Canadian pop singer is up next at 4 just for being Justin Bieber. Fans tweeted their thanks to Bieber with “#ThanskJustin” with the MTV award he won also causing him to trend. The NBA Finals is up next at 3, as the huge game between the Dallas Mavericks and Miami Heat is still being talked about. Tweeters praised the efforts of their teams and Dirk Nowitzki in particular as he was voted most valuable player. Only 2 trends left, who is your money on?

I am pleased to announce that our number 2 is Fathers Day, where dads around the world celebrated their special day. Families everywhere posted tweets like #BestDad, so show their appreciation to daddy. That leaves us with our final trend and yes you guessed it… Football! The beautiful game tops the trends chart for June and the sport is finished for the summer in most countries! Amongst the tweets was the new Chelsea manager Andre Villas-Boas, Argentina’s amazing star Lionel Messi, Tottenham’s chairman Daniel Levy and new Porto coach Vitor Pereira.

So we now know what Twitter was discussing the most in June. Look out for the top trends of this week towards the end of the weekend. If you missed last week’s chart then you can catch up here. Were the trends as you expected, what do you talk about on Twitter this month? Leave us any thoughts you have in the comments section.