New Look Clothing Launch New “NL Daily” Social Network Site

More and more companies are taking on the concept of using social media, be it sites such as Facebook, Twitter or even professional website LinkedIn. The idea behind it, is to advertise branded products in order to gain more customers and increase sales figures. Just today we gave you an idea of just how popular social media is becoming with results taken from a survey and put into an infographic.

As well as in the past reporting on brands such as Kleenex, Nestle, Coca Cola, Disney, sports brand HEAD and so on, today its the turn of fashion retailer New Look. With the collaboration of Mark Zuckerberg’s site Facebook, a new social network site by the name of NL Daily will be giving its fans the chance to as reported, upload and share pictures of themselves wearing New Look clothing as well as having the opportunity to leave comments.

Along with this, users to the site will be able to purchase items with just a click of a button. In today’s culture where many millions log onto the internet and privacy issues can at times be a sore talking point, we can tell you that NL Daily has hired the expertise of “WeSee” to scan the content on the site making sure that anything out of the ordinary is taken off.

According to, as well as commenting on your friends trendy new outfit, New Look with the help of marketing and technology firm TBG Digital, will be able to offer customers daily deals through Facebook. In an interesting statement from Chief Executive of TBG Digital “Simon Mansell” he said they will be able to “continuously engage audiences with evolving and appropriate time-limited offers that directly appeal to individual interests.”

He carried on by saying, “that allowing retailers to connect directly with their audience, the system allows them to avoid paying additional fees to run deals through third-parties sites.”

Give us your thoughts on New Look joining the social media frenzy? A good move on their part? Let us know if you will be heading on over to NL Daily?