LG Optimus 3D: UK Release July 1st, Beats HTC EVO 3D

If you’re in the process of deciding to purchase a new smartphone but are torn in which direction to turn to, then news of LG’s Optimus 3D handset may just be enough to sway you. Before we refresh you on its specs listing and give you links to some of our past Optimus 3D articles, we can inform you that as well as news of a US release, the handset is on its way to the UK tomorrow.

According to Metro, the worlds first ever 3D smartphone will be stocked at two big UK retailers, that of Best Buy and Carphone Warehouse from tomorrow, July 1st. This we have to add, will in fact be 5 days earlier than other retailers.

About a week ago, our very own Debbie updated you with news that Carphone Warehouse were releasing the Optimus on July 7th for a contract price of £35 per month and Phones4U would be stocking the model but in a white option, unfortunately we have no release date for this retailer.

We have to say we are a little confused by release dates, just on June 15th, news filtered through that the UK market would see the Optimus on July 11th, with pre-orders being taken at Amazon for a price tag of £499.99 and release date of July 13th, Play.com on the other hand were rumored to be offering the Optimus 3D for a stand-alone price of £469.00 with a release date of July 12th. Lastly Clove were happy to retail the LG for a lower £454.80 on July 11th.

Any how, coming back to the two first mentioned. A list of 20 Carphone Warehouse stores and just 4 Best Buy will be filling the shelves with the LG offering, a bold statement of which has come from Chief Commercial Officer at the Carphone Warehouse and Best Buy which says that “July 1st 2011 will prove to be red letter day in smartphone development. It’s safe to say that 3D technology is growing, with more events and entertainment being screened in 3D than ever.”

We have to wonder how the 3D smartphone market will now pan out with the LG arriving before HTC’s EVO 3D (click here for comparison), another hot favorite. Its already released in the US with news that Europe will be next sometime in July. Currently a fair amount of focus is also on the Samsung Galaxy S II which in fact is causing more hype than Apple’s iPhone 4.

So what will the LG Optimus 3D offer you in terms of specs? The device will come with a 4.3-inch WVGA display, which will give that all important 3D content without the need for glasses, 5MP rear camera and 0.3MP to the front, which will give you High Definition recording and 3D still pictures, 1GHz processor, expansion to 32GB, running on Android 2.2 Froyo OS and so on.

Tell us if you have been waiting for the LG Optimus 3D? Was it purely the 3D feature that tempted you, or was it the combined mixture of features? Which retailer will receive your business?

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    wait, you are wrong, on Amazon it says it will come out on July 21st!