Galaxy S II (S2) On Three Canadian Carriers: Is This The Price?

To say that interest for the Samsung Galaxy S II is huge would be an understatement. Leading up to its official release in countries such as the UK, Australia, Japan, Korea and so on, we have brought you a variety of articles ranging from its specs, possible prices and release dates, speed tests and accessories. As well as this, many comparisons with rivals such as the Droid Bionic, Take Janus, LG Optimus Big have been made, news of how to up the battery life, good and bad comments on Twitter that had been posted by those who had already picked up the Galaxy S II and so on.

Unfortunately, its release doesn’t apply to everybody. The US market is still waiting for a solid date but rumor is pointing to July 29th. Just 2 weeks ago, we gave you news that one Canadian carrier by the name of SaskTel was releasing the phone in July, this was announced via Twitter in which they tweeted, “We will be launching the Samsung Galaxy S II device in the next month that has the dual-core ^KK.”

Now according to Engadget, another two carriers can be added alongside SaskTel, they are Virgin Mobile and Bell. Information is limited in relation to price, but North American SaskTel is reported to be retailing the phone in the region of $79.99 on a three year data plan with the handset arriving in the very near future.

Bell on the other hand, have given no real clue as to its offerings, but have said that a lucky person could be winning the handset for free on entering a contest that they are currently running, with a deadline of July 19th, which may fall in line with rumor that they will have the phone on July 14th. This then could completely blow the idea out of the water, that July 29th is the official release date.

At this stage in the game, its worth bearing in mind that news has to be taken with a little pinch of salt, but that’s not to say that rumor could in fact have some truth in it!

Tell us where you stand with the Galaxy S II? Remember the US name could be changing to variations depending on which carrier you decide on, click here for more details. Would you be prepared to have a three year contract for a price of $79.99?

  • Naveen Gara

    3 years is too long a period in the era where new technology is out every 6 months surpassing all the old phones!!

    • Adrian Norenberg

      Hopefully Telus will get the phone and we can upgrade to the S3 next year for a fraction of the retail price. And still get their great warranty!