Droid Bionic Hype: Photo & Release Date, The Real Deal?

Since the beginning of this year, its been a job to keep up with the continuous frenzy of new smartphones that have or are just about to be released. Impressive handsets such as the HTC EVO 3D and Sensation have caused a stir, the Samsung Galaxy S II and of course Motorola’s Droid Bionic, and its this very device that yet again has stolen the limelight today.

For some months now, Motorola’s offering has been reported on numerous occasions with the phone facing delay just a few months ago. This as Motorola stated, was due to bringing several enhanced features to the new handset giving its users a “better phone experience.” Then we heard that the name was possibly going to be changed to Targa and now the news has reverted back to its release date.

Clearly indications of late, were pointing to the Bionic releasing late August early September, which as we stated, would fall around the same time as Apple’s iPhone 5 and Motorola’s other Photon 4G. Today as wirelessandmobilenews.com reported, people are willing to post and report different articles to get that first real glimpse of the new device. A photo has sprung up which to be honest has given us no accurate insight into whether the image is the real deal, as Droid handsets in general incorporate the big red Verizon logo.

In relation to the Droid Bionic’s release date, Motorola were keen just last week, to give potential customers some assurances that the phone was definitely on its way, this came via their Twitter account. A summer release was tweeted although no concrete date was given. This may be about to change, rumor circling is that the new Bionic will release on the 28th July. As with all speculation, it must be taken with a pinch of salt, but it does question how a date can just be picked out randomly, is there any truth in it?

Interest for the Droid Bionic is rising although it does seem that the Galaxy S II is still the main contender. The US market is yet to receive the new Samsung but according to an infographic we gave you the other day, the Bionic is just slightly lagging behind.

New enhanced specs for the Samsung may include a bigger 4.5-inch screen compared to the Galaxy’s 4.3-inch, Android 2.3 Gingerbread, 1750mAh battery, 8MP camera equalling that of the Galaxy, connections to a laptop dock and possible unlocked bootloader.

Tell us what your thoughts are on the new Motorola Droid Bionic? Are you keen to get your hands on one of these, or is something else tempting you?

  • http://twitter.com/blaisebanko Blaise Banko

    in all honesty, whichever phone comes out first is the one im getting. all these rumors and getting pushed back is so old and i dont really care anymore. a phone is a phone and in 2 months something better will be out anyway. just release on of them already

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZYC2AEXFGRHC7SOOO5I3UNLGJI 505 Danny

    Motorola won’t give a time frame except summer. I’m done, I have waited to go to Verizon just for the Bionic. Neither company is saying squat about a release date or time frame. It’s been 4 months for updates and fixes and so on. I give up. I’m sitting on a phones that are 5 years old and waiting for a phone that can do every thing. I see it as an insult that either company can’t give you any thing, then forget it. I would love to get the phone and be done, but neither will throw us a bone or anything. At least the other companies will try and get thing in the area of time that they stated. Crud, I could have made a program and hand built the dang phone by now AND fixed the bugs by the time this phone comes out. I’m sorry Moto/Vrerizon. You have kept me in the dark for way too long. If I see a light some place else I will head to it… I’m doing just that. I hope you have good fortune with the phone but I will never know. I am taking my 71 phone orders some place else. I have till July 22nd. I know I’m a small order. But mabey some day we can do buisness.