Another Dirty Facebook Scam, Its Title Is Horrible

Facebook is the biggest social network around and of course it gets hit by scammers more and more often. We have reported on a few recently including one titled “Dad gets embarrassed, Enters Daughter’s Room” and now we have another to tell you about, it’s another dirty Facebook scam and its title is horrible. You can see what the Facebook wall post looks like below.

The title of the wall post is “Brother rapes and kills his sister – Shocking Video” and it carries a message that says “WARNING: For mature audiences 0nly.” The first thing that should be glaringly obvious is this is unusual, it’s not the sort of thing that any of your friends would post and its certainly not something you would find from Facebook. Once you have clicked on the wall post you will be directed to the following location.

It has what it says is an age verification section that comes up but this is all part of it. This is the point where the Facebook scam actually needs some user interaction to get you to the point they want you too. It tells you to click “Jaa” twice and if you do go ahead with it then you will have just posted the scam on your own profile as a liked page which is called like-jacking. If you have gone ahead with the clicking you will also be directed to another page which you can see beneath.

This is a survey scam where the crooks are trying to gain possession of your details. It’s really important that you don’t go ahead with these as you can be the victim of further crimes which of course nobody wants as informed by Now onto how you get rid of it…

The first thing that you will need to do is find the post on your wall and then click on the “X” in the upper right hand corner of it and then select “Mark as Spam.” This will remove it from your news feed and hopefully help to stop your friends wanting to click on it too, remember if your Facebook friends see that you have liked something then it often prompts them to check it out too. You can also follow our guide which will give you the next steps on what to do and hopefully help you to avoid things like this in the future.

Have you seen this scam going around? Gave your friends fallen victim to this one? Let us know in the comments section below.