Hang on for Droid Bionic Release: Verizon LTE Network Fastest

The Motorola Droid Bionic is one of the most talked about smartphones of the moment, along with the Samsung Galaxy S2, neither of which has yet seen a U.S. release. After a long saga of delays for the Bionic, yesterday we gave readers some compelling reasons why it was probably worth waiting for and now we have another reason to hang on for it as Verizon has come top in tests for networks.

While we know the Galaxy S2 is coming to all major US carriers soon (see release roundup), the Droid Bionic is eagerly awaited this summer for Verizon, and rumored to be coming next month. We know how many of you were really keen to get the Droid Bionic but also know that some of you were becoming impatient for its release (understandably). In yesterday’s article (linked to above), we gave a variety of reasons to wait at least a little while longer, including the fact that after asking consumers to be tolerant for so long it was likely that the ‘improved’ Droid Bionic would be an extremely impressive handset when it finally arrived. After all Motorola has stumbled out of the gate when delivering its first 4G LTE phone so they know they need to make their mark and get it right when it does finally appear.

Now we’ve come across tests conducted by PC Mag, where Sascha Segan writes about the fastest mobile networks for 2011. The site ran tests across 21 cities of the US and found that “4G” is certainly not the same across all networks. Not only that but Verizon was overwhelmingly top of the networks for speed. The tests were simply just for mobile Internet speeds and not other factors such as call quality, dropped calls or coverage and 14,000 tests took place altogether. The results were split into different categories, Northeast, Southeast, Central, West and Rural America, and Verizon came out top in every category except Rural America where AT&T led. In conclusion PC Mag found that nationwide, the Verizon LTE network was by far the speediest, in fact it crushed the competition.

Therefore it maybe worthwhile persisting just that little bit longer in your quest for the Motorola Droid Bionic, especially as the iPhone 5 seems to be some months away, and many of you just prefer the Android OS anyway. Imagine the Droid Bionic with its notable features and recent upgrade in specs, arriving on the fastest 4G mobile network. However we’d like to hear what you have to say about this. Does the news of Verizon’s 4G LTE network being the speediest entice you to wait further for the Bionic, or have you simply had enough of the wait and lack of firm information about a release date? Let us know with your comments.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WH6WYPK4YZPF3K754BPS5RDLPU Honest in Texas

    Going with whichever comes out first: Bionic or Galaxy S2. I have a feeling it will be the S2…so be it.

  • j j

    I currently have a thunderbolt, but I’m starting to have “dual-core envy.” So my next update in the coming few months shall be the Bionic. After that, I’ll upgrade to a dual-core / ice cream sandwich phone…whatever that may be, nexus “prime”, or otherwise, likely around Xmas/new years. Here’s hopin’!