Avenue App Store Now Avaliable On Windows

One of the benefits of owning a Mac, and a copy of OSX Lion, is the new Mac App Store. No longer do you have to go searching around the internet for legitimate copies of software, risking your computer with dodgy downloads, everything you could possibly want or need is all available in one easy to access place.

For those using Windows, that functionality has not been available, until now. Jolie O’Dell over on Mashable is reporting on the new Avenue App Store, which brings consumers an easy to access storefront for Windows compatible applications.

Installing and running the app store is quick and easy, you can download it here. Currently all the applications are free, and after you’ve registered for a free account, downloading and installing apps is quick and easy. I downloaded the Kindle for PC application, and within 2 minutes the app had downloaded and I was presented with the full application ready to go. I can see this store being very useful to owners of a new computer, since it gives you easy access to applications such as Firefox, VLC media player and Skype.

Though the Avenue App Store is still currently in beta, it could eventually expand and offer other paid for applications such as Adobe’s suite of editing software or even game clients. Provided I have a good internet connection I would much rather download my software all in one place instead of having to search out for old CD-ROM’s and waiting for them to install. That way when I buy a new computer I could queue up all my downloads and have them install overnight, rather than spending an afternoon putting disks into a machine and watching progress bars fill up.

Do you think it’s time to get all your software over the internet, or would you rather stick with physical disks for your PC applications? Let us know in the comments below.