Twitter Issues Guide for Newsrooms: Social Media Impact on News

It seems to be the case that social media is having more and more of an impact on news and how it’s reported and we recently reported on Twitter and Facebook driving traffic to news sites. Now it seems that Twitter has recognized just how much of a useful tool it has become for journalists and has issued a Twitter Guide for Newsrooms.

Many journalists now use Twitter for sources and also content sharing and so the social networking site has now set up “Twitter for Newsrooms” in a bid to guide them how to make the most of Twitter for their work. As Brenna Ehrlich over on Mashable points out this really shows the relevance today of social media and its effects on how news is reported. If you take a look at the guide by using the link above you’ll see that it has categories such as reporting, engaging and publishing and there’s also a #TfN hashtag.

Information is given on strategies for searching, finding sources, verifying facts, effective tweeting, branding, publishing tools, tips, guidelines and more and it’s well worth a look. Twitter describes the resource and #TfN as a common ground for all journalists of different generations and from various media backgrounds. Facebook also recently set up a resource for journalists intending to use social media for reporting purposes by setting up a Facebook and journalists Page and also a meetup program for journalists.

What to you think of Twitter for Newsrooms? We’d be interested in your thoughts so why not let us have your comments.