Thunderbolt Macs Get New Update: Apple Release Own Cable

Good news today for owners of the Apple Mac range which include the new Thunderbolt I/O technology. A new firmware update requires OX X 10.6.8 is now available on devices such as the new MacBook Pro line-up as well as the new bigger iMac models.

According to Topher Kessler at, the latest update will drive out the initial bugs and performance issues associated with the release of the Thunderbolt technology. If this is something you have been patiently waiting for, then fret no more. Reports have suggested that the new update will be available via the Software Update and can also be downloaded from the Thunderbolt Firmware Update website.

Although we haven’t tried this ourselves, cnet were keen to point out that when accessing the new download, you will be asked to restart your system, followed by a grey screen and progress bar. Under no circumstances should you stop and then try to carry on with the process, as stated, the update may require you to reboot at least 2 if not 3 times before completed.

Users carrying this out, may need to be aware that their device may not automatically recognise the new Thunderbolt update as it might be seen as new hardware to configure.

Also to round off your day, Apple fans may be keen to know that a new cable with connectors for the Thunderbolt I/O port, can be purchased to allow for data transfers and display connectivity between Mac models. The cable will set you back $55 AU, £39 in the UK and $49 in the US. To find out more head on over to

Let us know your thoughts on the new firmware update and Apple’s new accessory? Interested? If downloading the new update, let us know how you get on and if you experience any problems?