Samsung Galaxy S2 Circle on Screen Issue: Have You Noticed?

There’s no doubt that the Samsung Galaxy S2 or S II is the phone of the moment and we have published countless articles on this notable Android handset. Although it has yet to see a U.S. release it is available in other regions and today we have news about a Galaxy S2 circle issue on the screen. We’ve not heard of this complaint before and would like to know if you’ve noticed this problem.

We’ve previously published an article looking at issues with the Galaxy S2 and following that we posted about a screen issue that seemed to be troubling numerous users whereby there appeared to be a yellowish tint on the display. We also told how Twitter users were giving their good and bad verdicts on the Galaxy S2 and on the many comments we received on our stories not one person mentioned a small circle on their screens.

The small circle issue has been raised in an article over on Wirefresh and an image is also shown of a circle marring the top right of the screen. As the article points out, it does look much like the sort of mark a very small cup might leave behind and it’s also noted that the mark only shows on dark or mid-tone backgrounds, not on black or white. A search has revealed this must be a pretty rare problem but others on forums have noticed it and it’s thought that the blemish could arise from a suction cup used in the manufacturing process, which is supposed to diminish over time.

So apart from any other issues with your Galaxy S2 have you noticed this small circle mark on your screen? We’re not saying this is a widespread problem as we haven’t heard of it before and millions of the Galaxy S2 have now been sold, but we would be interested to know just how many are affected by it so please do send in your comments.

  • Mustafa Kadhim

    I am from Iraq , and I have the same problem with my GS2 black circle at right top of screen

  • Mustafa Kadhim

    have the same problem with my GS2 , black circle at right top of screen

  • Mustafa Kadhim

    I have the same problem with my GS2 , black circle at right top of screen

  • Jcjwd Jc

    I just purchased a GS2 and have noticed a faint small circle on the right side of screen it shows up if you are in a room with low light as when I went to the store with a bright show room it is very hard to see but when I went home it was back not sure if I’m going to keep the phone. Will give it some time and see if it gets worse

  • Sameh_nabil

    I also have this problem . egypt

  • sad

    same problem :(