PayPal Hit 100 Million Active Users Milestone

The e-commerce site PayPal has announced that it has achieved the 100 million active users milestone. It appears that the payments site has been growing in users rapidly, with nearly 1 million new users every month.

This is because PayPal had 94.4 million users at the end of last year and so almost 7 months on they have gained 5.5 million users who actively used the site. PayPal themselves confirmed they had reached the 100 million active user landmark; however Geeky Gadgets has called in to question what exactly PayPal are deeming an active user.

PayPal filed a lawsuit against Google a short while back after the search engine unveiled NFC for Android. The e-commerce outfit accused Google of infringing its digital wallet patent and this does seem very suspicious as 2 ex PayPal employees working on the idea left the company to work for the accused. PayPal do very well in the mobile industry with $10 million a day in payments as well as 8 million regular customers making purchases.

PayPal also makes eBay a chunk of their cash, accounting for 39% of their total revenue. In the 1st quarter of 2011 they made the auction giant just under $1 billion which is very impressive in my eyes. PayPal became a wholly owned subsidiary of eBay back on October 3rd 2002. Are you a regular PayPal user? Let us know your thoughts on the site’s vast increase in users.