myTouch 4G Slide on T-Mobile Official: Plus Specs & Price

We’ve been keeping you with informed about the myTouch 4G Slide smartphone coming to T-Mobile and among our stories we’ve posted a comparison with another dual-core smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S2 and more recently reported on some clear images at last, that showed a pretty stylish handset. Today T-Mobile has officially announced the myTouch 4G Slide, made by HTC.

Its looking like a rather tasty device and you can also see a video below this story to get more of an idea of the look and feel of the myTouch 4G Slide. If you’d like a brief recap on specs we can tell you that it has a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, 8-megapixel rear camera with 3-megapixel front facer, a 3.7-inch WVGA Super LCD display and runs on Android 2.3 Gingerbread with HTC Sense UI. It also has 4G connectivity for T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network.

The camera on the myTouch 4G Slide is receiving a lot of attention as it is capable of low-light photography, takes HDR pictures and 1080p video, according to Michael Gorman over on Engadget. We previously mentioned rumors of an early July release with July 6 a possible date and the press release merely states a July availability so we’re hoping our previous information could still be correct. The price is $199.99 on the usual two-year contract and it will be available in two color options, black and khaki.

Over on Android Central, Phil Nickinson provides a handy list of myTouch 4G Slide specs and points out that T-Mobile touts it as having, “the most advanced camera of any smartphone.” That’s something to live up to but this handset does look more impressive the more we see of it. If you want to see more check out the T-Mobile product pages here. Take a look at the video below and let us know what you think of the myTouch 4G Slide?