HTC EVO 3D: Tinkerers Must Wait For Unlocked Bootloader Update

For those of you that already have your HTC EVO 3D smartphones are of course very happy with them right now, but there’s something eating away at your minds and at ours too. Just how much better can it be? We have heard that for you tinkerers out there who are eagerly awaiting the update to unlock the bootloader of the HTC EVO 3D we are afraid you must wait for now.

Remember how HTC said they were going to lock down the bootloaders? Well you may or may not be aware that HTC decided that they would abolish that particular policy for their devices that they were going to bring in. This excited the fans and pretty much made sure they stayed with HTC at least for now.

The bootloader for some people probably won’t mean a lot but perhaps it should, having it unlocked offers you the opportunity to amend your device in different ways such as overclocking the processor and getting more out of your device. Of course they aren’t always the best things to do but if you keep an eye on the XDA Developers forum then you are dealing with the best people in the business.

Over on Phandroid you will find an article by Chris Chavez who has pulled in a quote from a Facebook comment left by HTC. Someone left a comment saying “Please HTC tell us when the bootloader will be unlocked” only for HTC to reply with “We are diligently working to ensure that we do this right. When everything is finalized, we will make an announcement on Facebook. Thanks for your patience.”

This tells us that they do actually want to do this correctly and Chris Chavez also points out that HTC will undoubtedly be working on bug fixes too; perhaps they can try improving the battery life! Over at their author Jenn K.Lee has said that users are becoming a little bit angry with HTC as they feel they have been lied to after the announcement they made around the same time as releasing the device.

Readers, are you disappointed with HTC that they didn’t ship the EVO 3D with an unlocked bootloader or are you happy to wait? Let us know in the comments section below.