Google’s New Search Feature: Introducing “What Do You Love?”

Google has rolled out a brand new search feature called what do you love? The latest tool helps the searcher set up multiple channels based on the desired term, with a large range of detailed results being yielded upon search.

If for example “Facebook” was the search term, What Do Yo Love? would offer the latest news on it, videos about it on YouTube, where you can find it, a 3D tour of it and many other things like the pictures of it. According to Geeky Gadgets, What Do You Love? can be found on, is not connected to Google’s main site yet.

The new search feature seems like all of Google’s existing search tabs mashed together, but with extra resources at your disposal. Google did not make a big song and dance over What Do You Love? keeping it relatively quiet ahead of its launch. With the amount of options and features it gives the searcher, this one looks like it will go down very well. It simplifies searching by bringing everything you want together.

Google has been very clever with the results that appear as many of the options they give to the searcher are via their own services. When offering a video or directions to the searchers result, they of course use YouTube and Google Maps. So not only are Google giving the user a unique new search feature, they are also indirectly making us use their other sites and services, which we probably do anyway. Give What Do You Love? a try now and let us know what you think in the comments.