Google Expands Their +1 Button: FB “Like” Rival

Google introduced their +1 recommend button a short while ago to various sites including us at OSM. Today it will launch globally, appearing on all Google search pages. This comes with today’s release of What Do You Love?, a new search feature Google has introduced.

Google is not only rolling the button out to search pages, but also to websites across the world, Mashable has reported. The main function of the button is to recommend something you like to friends and it can normally be found with the tweet, share or like buttons on a site. It also acts as a mini review to you from other people who have used the button to indicate it as a good article, so if you like what you read then take advantage of the feature. You must be signed in to Gmail to use the +1 button.

Google’s button acts as a rival to Facebook’s “like” button, although they are slightly different in that Google recommends things that have already been reviewed, where Facebook shows people that have approved of comments and pages. Would it be worth Facebook doing something similar where highly “liked” posts from your friends are recommended to you?

Google’s Product Manager Nick Radicevic used their AdSense blog to make the announcement earlier, confirming +1 would begin appearing on pages globally. Google state another reason behind the magic button is to increase its presence on the web and also to improve search results in the future. Since the launch of Google +1 have you found it useful? Let us know if it is worth introducing globally by leaving a comment.