Foursquare & Ritz-Carlton Hotel Chain Give Holiday Tips

For those of you who class yourself as keen Foursquare fans, will be keen to know that the social networking site launched in 2009, has now racked up some 10 million active users. It offers the chance to check-in at venues using a GPS mobile phone and gain points and badges. Click here to head on over to wikipedia for more details.

Since its initial release, the location-based site has hooked up with some big names such as American Express, to offer its users those extra benefits as well as reports in the past of subscribers being able to get cheaper gas and so on. But today its the turn of hotel chain Ritz-Carlton who have joined the Foursquare frenzy.

In a new scheme as Mashable explained, Ritz-Carlton will be giving out free tips and advice whilst tourists are at their holiday destination. It could be from advising them on the best restaurants to eat at, where to visit, landmarks in relation to the hotel of which they are staying at.

It is hoped that by offering the new “concierge service,” holiday makers will potentially get the best out of their holiday experience, with finding out a wealth of knowledge at the same time, as well as appealing to people of all ages.

In a statement from Chris Gabaldon, Chief Marketing Officer of Ritz-Carlton it was said, “It’s part of our greater work to make sure we’re connecting with all of our customers in all of the ways they want to interact with the brand. The affluent customer today is moving beyond online and into mobile and because they have that capability, they expect brands they know and trust to be available wherever they might look for them.”

Are you a Foursquare user? What are your thoughts on the service being used such as this? Can you think of other ways or businesses that the location-based site can help?