Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn – Record Traffic: Ryan Giggs Helps

One thing that all of the big social networks enjoy is good traffic, after all that’s what keeps them going and makes people return to them. We have just learned that Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn enjoyed record traffic this month and Ryan Giggs helped them out with it.

Firstly for those who don’t know who Ryan Giggs is, he is a long serving player at Manchester United who won numerous trophies and medals who is expected to retire fairly soon. Before the end of the season he had an injunction taken out where he wasn’t allowed to be named as the man who has been having the alleged extra-marital affair.

The stats show that Facebook surpassed MSN to become the second most popular site that the UK uses with almost 27 million users which is just behind Google on 33.9 million. Google occupies the top spot with that figure and Matt Tran has explained a little more about it in this article. You can also read more about the stats over at the Guardian.co.uk.

It would seem that the rise in searches has come from those who are in the over 50s and actually visiting Twitter too at the height of the scandal when everyone was trying to work out who it was. There were plenty that were in the frame for it when it was announced to be a Premiership Footballer with quite a few touting Wayne Rooney. Unfortunately it was his teammate Ryan Giggs who had done the dirty and demolished his squeaky clean reputation.

Are you surprised that the traffic grew so much? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.