Cloud-Based Microsoft Office 365: Available Now

Microsoft’s newest version of Office made its global debut today, coming straight from the sky. Cloud-based 365 will allow you to access your web apps and files from any PC or device you wish.

As with all of the other previous Office versions, you get the usual web apps like Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote. According to Mashable, Microsoft has built one product for all of its cloud-based productivity software, with Microsoft Office, SharePoint, Exchange and Lync all going up into the cloud. Microsoft is confident about the new service and guarantees 99.9% uptime.

Another nifty feature that Office 365 wields is ActiveSync, which allows customers to access all of their data like emails and calendars from the cloud. So not only can you access your programs like office and word from anywhere, you can also so the same with personal files. Microsoft has essentially taken the whole software side of your home PC and taken it on the go. The new program should be compatible for Windows 8 when it comes around.

PC World reports that Office 365 comes in 2 different versions, those being small business and enterprise. Depending on how advanced you want it, they can range from $2-27 a month. One is aimed at small teams who are not interested in dealing with IT, and the other is customisable with advanced configurations which you can choose to implement depending on your business. Let us know your initial thoughts on Office 365, and the introduction of more cloud technology.