Arrested UK LulzSec Hacker Bailed & Has All Gadgets Seized

It has been a hectic past week in the world of LulzSec. We have seen one of their young members arrested and then branded a smokescreen, then most recently the disband of the hacktivist group. We now understand that the young member who was arrested has been released on bail.

Ryan Cleary the 19 year old hacker from Essex in the UK, has been released from police custody with an internet ban being one of this bail conditions. The young LulzSec member has also had all of this computers and gadgets confiscated, Tech Radar has reported. Amongst the gadgets seized were his iPhone and PS3 which is quite ironic considering he has been linked with the Sony PSN Outage.

Last week we saw a viral video on YouTube which shows the dastardly schemes of LulzSec and Anonymous in animated form. If you are unclear on the general story about the crimes that the 2 hacking clans have committed then we suggest you watch the video as it gives clear insight in to what has gone on. The teenager was recently accused of using DDoS attacks to take down various websites.

Cleary’s solicitor has revealed that his client suffers from Asperger’s syndrome which is a form of high functioning autism, according to Video Gamer. Cleary has been described as an outcast who spent all of this time locked in is room online, so there could be issues with withdrawal symptoms whilst being deprived of electronics, however support is being given. The only electronic thing he will be close to is the tracking tag attached to his leg. Let us know what kind of punishment you think the hacker should get by leaving a comment.