Apple iPhone 5 Video Reveal…But Not What You’re Waiting For!

We’ve been bringing you news and speculation about the Apple iPhone 5 since the iPhone 4 release it seems and just in the last day we’ve posted articles about how two models could be released in September and also about different pricing levels for the next iPhone. Today’s news is a little more lighthearted as we have a video reveal of the iPhone 5, although sadly it may not be the iPhone 5 you’re waiting for!

Not unless you’re waiting for an iPhone 5 made out of fruit and veg that is. The video was brought to our attention by Brenna Ehrlich over on Mashable and was created by Top Fruit produce. You can see the video below this story and it may just tide you over until you can get the real thing in your hands. As you can see it’s pretty clever stuff and features a backdrop of aubergines, with features made up from bananas, oranges, raspberries, cucumbers, melons, blueberries and more. Strangely enough we couldn’t spot any Apples but maybe limes?

For those of you still more eager to keep track of the real iPhone speculation though, you may be more interested in our story about a Q3 release for the iPhone 5 and how buyers in Europe are twice as likely to buy the iPhone 5 on release than an Android. We’ve even posted a rumor about the next processor for the iPhone 6, and no that’s not a typo.

What are your thoughts on this ingenious video and what other tech items would you like to see created by the team at Top Fruit? Let us know with your comments.

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    This is a little weird..very weird actually…I mean..I love the iPhone, but to spend a lot of time to do something like this – it is just a little cuckoo