Winklevoss Twins Back With A Fresh Facebook Lawsuit

Some things are just too good to be true! We reported to you last week that the Winklevoss twins had finally given up on their quest to get more money from Facebook, but a few days on and they have launched a fresh lawsuit to get the money they are convinced they are owed.

The brothers have been involved in a string of audacious attempts to take a slice of Mark Zuckerberg’s fortune, although many have been in vein as they settled back in 2008. This time around the Winklevii have accused the Facebook CEO of “suppressing evidence” during the previous lawsuit, IT Pro Portal has reported.

Facebook has responded to these new allegations by describing them as “baseless” and stating that they have been considered and rejected before. They also have another legal clash with Paul Ceglia who is after 50% of the company. The brothers who claim to have invented the initial concept of Facebook were expected to lose the case and so it came as a surprise when they briefly quit. It looks more of a publicity stunt and change in strategy looking back on it now.

When the twins were set to lose the last trial it was suggested they would take their claim to the US Supreme Court; however it appears that the lawsuit was filed in the US District Court of Massachusetts by the Winklevoss brothers and their business partner Divya Narendra who looks to have reignited his pursuit of the social networking giant. Is this getting really desperate from the brothers now or are they right to fight for what they think is theirs? Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments.