Survey: Facebook & Twitter Usage Abroad Costing Huge Phone Bills

We all enjoy a break, and going abroad on holiday gives us the opportunity to relax and get away from the day-to-day grind. What better way to share your relaxation and give others the chance to experience your trip than posting on your favorite social networking site?

But as reports, herein lies the problem, because those updating their Facebook or Twitter pages may fall foul of network data roaming charges that could turn the holiday of a lifetime into the holiday from hell.

It is simple to access your social networking site without checking the data costs. While Brussels regulations have tightened the reigns on charges for calls and texts whilst in the EU, tourists are now being warned to check their network costs before they leave Britain.

A survey of 2,000 people commissioned by the Carphone Warehouse stated that a third of travellers access their social networking sites via a mobile device whilst abroad. Paul Lappage a phone expert commented on the findings stating that, ‘Often people are keen to post their holiday snaps on Facebook but if your smartphone includes a high megapixel camera it could mean a couple of megabytes per photo – which could soon rack up a big bill.’

This was certainly the case for mental health support worker, Carly Woodgate from southwest London. After checking and updating her Facebook and Twitter pages whilst in New York, she discovered on her return a bill for £750.

So how do we save ourselves from these charges? Well the obvious thing is to check your charges before you go; you could add a data cap and check usage via apps. You can also turn off ‘data roaming’ and use local Wi-Fi areas to access the Internet. By using MMS rather than SMS you can get a maximum of 1,024 characters over the 160 from the latter. Or better than this keep your phone off and enjoy a peaceful holiday and tell friends what it was like when you get back.

It is also worth checking out The Telegraph’s report on how to avoid fraudulent mobile phone charges if you lose your phone or Sim card whilst abroad. Let us know if you have experienced any unexpected holiday costs through mobile usage?