Simon Pegg’s Twitter Account Hacked, Spreads Trojan Virus

Celebrities use Twitter as a way to promote themselves, their projects and to give their viewers a window into their lives. They therefore become massive targets for spammers and scammers who want to spread their piece of malware or their virus into people’s computers. The latest celebrity to fall prey to having their Twitter account hacked is Simon Pegg, star of such films as Hot Fuzz and Paul.

Though the post containing the link to the fake screensaver has been taken down, Graham Cluley over on Sophos’ Naked Security blog managed to get a screenshot of the post whilst it was still up. It reads “Download the new “Paul” Sceen Saver (link here) after download right click and press test to install”. People who read the post carefully could have spotted the misspelling of Screen, and others may have spotted that it was the only post of his to have been posted via Twitter for Blackberry.

Those who went through with the download and install have likely found themselves with a virus or piece of malware on their computer which Sophos identified as being the Troj/VBBanker-A virus. If you have been infected as a result of this, or another scam, then I recommend installing AVG Free Anti-Virus and running a scan in order to clean it off of your computer.

We have no idea who managed to hack Simon Pegg’s account, how they managed to do it or whether it will happen again, but needless to say Simon has likely changed his Twitter password. Hacking a Twitter account gives the hacker easy access to say anything to millions of people, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this becomes a more frequent occurrence. In the meantime, take this as a lesson to be careful when clicking on suspicious links and be careful of what you download from the internet.

You can follow Simon Pegg on Twitter at @simonpegg and you can follow OSM at @osocialmedia