PetBook Launch “Furry Friends” Social Network

When we think of social networking, the sites that automatically spring to mind are no doubt Facebook or Twitter, but a new British site has been set up just for our beloved animals. Yep, that’s right, the name “Petbook” has been set up by organisation Gamaroff Digital.

The site which is working alongside Facebook and is accessible via an app, aims to give pet lovers a chance to show off their animals to other interested parties, owners can talk to one another which will be shown on the wall, animals can be voted on, which will then be put through into a competition and so on. PetBook works on the same principle as setting up a Facebook user profile page.

As reported, images of the animal can be uploaded from a users photo album with information attached.

In a statement from Gamaroff’s Technical Director “Joe Tuson” it was said that, “This product has been designed to draw on the most up-to-date learnings in social brand engagement today. There is a competition element which we see a lot of on Facebook, but it is so much more than that because the core insight upon which it is based is inherently social – that is, people cannot resist talking about and showing off their pets.”

Give us your thoughts on PetBook? Have you already joined, if so what is your initial feedback?