Older Interest In Social Sites Like Facebook Undo Microsoft’s Popularity

Facebook has roared ahead in the internet popularity race, sprinting past Microsoft with one challenger ahead left to beat. Google is firmly ahead receiving the most site visits than any other in the UK last month.

Internet research site UKOM/Nielsen measured the traffic on the biggest sites, with Facebook getting 26.8 million visitors in the UK last month. V3 reports that many of these millions are over 50, showing an increasing trend in older people using the social networking site. Facebook has had an 84% increase in 50-64 year olds, and an 81% increase in over 65s since 2009.

Microsoft’s huge operation including Xbox 360, MSN, Windows and Bing has now been ousted by the social networking giant. The main contributing factor of Facebook’s popularity increase is the extra interest from the older generation. Social business site LinkedIn enjoyed an overall increase in UK site visits last month at 3.59 million which is a 57% rise compared to figures from April.

Twitter also had a pleasant increase in site visits at 6.14 million, a 43% increase from last month. Facebook experienced a loss of active users in May which many think is as a result of Twitter’s growth. Google’s video giant YouTube on top of their search engine and Android is what makes them so powerful, can Facebook out do them eventually?

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    You forgot to mention facebooks new alternative onlymeworld is gaining triple digit growth in the United Kingdom as well, as most british are concerned over facebooks privacy violations, etc.,