My First Baby Birth – Video! Yet Another Facebook Scam

Facebook has been busy recently; they have hired GeoHotz who is the famous hacker who managed to exploit the Apple iPhone and the Sony PS3. We are left wondering if he will be involved in Facebook security to try and swat some of these scams that are slipping through the net. The latest one is titled “My First Baby Birth – Video” and yes it’s yet another Facebook scam.

Recently we have seen quite a few little Facebook scandals which we have told you how to get rid of and we summarized them in a weekly roundup. If you haven’t seen the one we are talking about today then look below and you will see the wall post.

If you have been unfortunate enough to have fallen for this scam then you will have been directed to another page and if you look at the URL it has nothing to do with Facebook. The page has several different videos on it as shown below.

Then if there’s any video image on there that takes your fancy or makes you curious and you click on it then you will be directed to the actual scam. This is one of the survey style ones that we see fairly often. Also you will have just been Likejacked; this means you now like the page. The guys at Facecrooks point out that this is a clever ploy to make your friends think it’s trustworthy however it’s not. You can see the scam page below.

You will now have to deal with the scam, firstly to clean up your newsfeed you will need to locate the original post and then hit the “X” button and then mark it as spam as shown in the screenshot below. You can also follow this guide which will tell you a little bit more about the next steps.

Have you seen this scam going around on your friends walls? Did it catch you out? Let us know in the comments section below.