MacBook Air Refresh New Release Whisper: Best Buy Stop Shipping

Here at OSM we’ve been following developments for the MacBook Air 2011 refresh for some time and release rumors have been a bit of a cauldron of confusion. We know how many of you are waiting eagerly for the new MacBook Air and today we have a release whisper that may make you a little more hopeful that we’ll be seeing them soon, as it seems that Best Buy has stopped shipping and has limited stocks available of the current Airs.

Among our recent posts on the new MacBook Air has been information regarding the new processors and Thunderbolt technology expected, articles about new features you want, the price you’d be willing to pay and also news of a black aluminum finish option for the next MacBook Air. We also told recently how the launch of the new MacBook Airs seemed to be being held back for the new Mac OS X Lion due in July and it does seem that the release is certainly getting closer.

Previously we told how current stocks in some regions were limited but the news that Best Buy is struggling with supplies is a good indicator that the new MacBook Air for 2011 will be available very soon. Over on Apple Insider, a report tells how online orders for the MacBook Air are now on hold at Best Buy and listed as “not available for shipping,” although the same models are still listed as available from the online Apple Store. In Best Buy stores it seems that some MacBook Airs are still up for grabs but that stocks are limited.

Meanwhile Mark Gurman of 9to5Mac also reports on the Best Buy stocks of MacBook Airs and notes that if Best Buy has stopped shipping this means it is concentrating what stocks it has left for retail stores. There is also no future date listed for shipping at Best Buy, an even firmer indication that the current models are on their way out to make way for the new ones. Gurman also notes a rumor whisper of a release date for the new Airs of July 4 although this is not confirmed, but if accurate there’s only a week to wait! Furthermore one of 9to5Mac readers has informed the site that in the U.K. on Best Buy’s website, only the 128GB version is still available but in limited stores, with no other models now available. A further update on the report also says that Amazon is now also short of stock in multiple countries.

This is certainly intriguing and does lend more credence to the speculation that the new MacBook Air 2011 will be released very soon. Fingers crossed! Are you waiting for the next MacBook Air lineup? Let us have your comments.